Important Transportation Action Alert

Dear Parents/Guardians:

It is time once again to mobilize our school community to advocate for our students.  When Governor Murphy’s budget was released last month, the ceiling for nonpublic transportation had reverted back to $884.00.  We are asking that it be returned to the $1000 we fought so hard for last year.

Furthermore, the Governor’s proposed 2019 budget cut 3.8 million dollars  in total from nonpublic school aid, reducing it from $101,603 million to $97,803 million.  The cuts were taken from Nursing Services and Technology Aid.  So, we are also asking that nonpublic aid in these two categories to be restored at least to the level of funding received in FY 2018.

At this time, we are asking that you take the following action.  Simple click on the link below and fill in your name and information.   

There you will find a template letter that you can sign and send to the key members of the Senate and Assembly budget committees.  Last year our diocese was way out in front of the other NJ dioceses in this campaign. Let’s do it again this year!