About Our School
St. Mary School is a Catholic School committed to sharing gospel values and social justice issues.  Daily prayer, over our closed circuit TV, unites our school each morning and afternoon.  Liturgies and prayer services, scheduled on Holy Days and special times throughout the school year, enhance the spirituality of our school.  Religion classes experienced every day teach the doctrine of the Catholic Church and provide opportunities for discussion to insure understanding.

Our school program expands from Pre-School, for three and four year olds, to grade eight.

Mrs. Patricia Mancuso is our principal.  Mrs. Mancuso has served as Principal in the Diocese of Camden for many years.  She has earned her Masters Degree in Educational Administration from Temple University.

P1 – Mrs. Kathy Wisniewski – B.A. Arcadia University
P2 – Mrs. Elaine Contrevo – B.S. Glassboro State College
P2 – Mrs. Tiziana DiMauro – B.S. Penn State University

K1 – Mrs. Stacy Silvestro – B.S. St. Joseph’s University
K2 – Ms. Kerry De Costa – M.A. Loyola College

1B – Mrs. Lindsay Audio – B.A. Richard Stockton College

2A – Mrs. Jeana Davi – M.A. Stockton University
2B – Mrs. Erin Hagney – B.S. Cabrini College

3A – Mrs. Nancy Rinehimer – B.S. Lebanon Valley College
3B – Miss Gianna Morales – B.A. Rowan University

4A – Mrs. Christine Cole – B.A. Rowan University
4B – Mrs. Megan Bryson – B.A. Rider University

5A – Miss Lisa Lorusso – B.A. Rowan University
5B – Mrs. Lisa White – B.A. Rowan University

6A – Mrs. Sarah Coffey – B.S. Rowan University
6B – Mrs. Maria Howard – B.A. Thomas Edison State University

7A – Mrs. Jennifer Bottino – B.S. Rowan University
7B – Mr. Brian Wolf – B.A. Rowan University

8A – Mrs. Rebecca Graber – B.A. Rowan University
8B – Ms. Melissa Brino – B.A. Rutger’s University

Advanced Math/H.O.T. Program  – Mr. John Bakley – B.A. Rowan University
Physical Education – Ms. Gail Connelly – B.A. Glassboro State College
Technology – Mr. Christopher May – B.S. Temple University
Science Lab/H.O.T. Program – Ms. Cheryl DeFalco – B.A. Kean College
Music – Mrs. Robin Busch (Gazzara)
Art – Mrs. Tonya Riggins – B.A. Rowan University
Spanish – Miss Natalia Peralta – B.A. Rowan University