PTA & Volunteer Opportunities

2022-2023 PTA Board Website

2022-2023 PTA Board

Marie Wolf (President)                                       Ana Maria O’Malley

Lucia Badagliacco (Treasurer)                         Bonny Chezik

Lori Reilly                                                               Elizabeth Duxbury

Cindy Balog                                                            Dolores Ouedraogo

Nicole Lenhardt                                                    Robin Lahr

Jen Plunkett                                                            Kathryn McDermott

Danielle Zonis                                                        Kristen Laczkowski

Jacqueline Alcott                                                   Therese Allison

Chris Romarino                                                      Angela Arndt

Josette Franks                                                         Ashleigh Raubertas


St. Mary School offers our parents a number of volunteer opportunities throughout the school year.

These opportunities include:

Room Parents

PTA Board

Classroom parties



Athletic coaches

Extracurricular activities

Crusader Day

Book Fair

Thanksgiving luncheon

Race for Education

Annual Auction

School dances

Dine-Out Nights